Birth trauma resources

The Europe-wide Research Network DEVOTION CA118211 is a made up of researchers and clinicians dedicated to minimising birth trauma and optimising birth experiences. Among many other resources they have created the set of leaflets below for parents, clinicians and policy makers. AIMS is making these leaflets available on our website in the hope that they will be of use to women and birthing people, their families and supporters, birth activists and educators, midwives and doctors. Please download and share these with anyone you think would find them useful.

The parents’ leaflet explains what birth trauma is and how it may feel, what can cause it and what to do. Page 1 Page 2

The clinicians' leaflet has recommendations for how maternity staff can help avoid the occurrence of birth trauma and provide trauma-informed care. Page 1 Page 2

The policy makers’ leaflet explains the issue and the impact of birth trauma, and suggests how policies, guidelines and service organisation can improve the prevention, detection and treatment of traumatic birth and childbirth-related PTSD. Page 1 Page 2

AIMS resources

If you have experienced any kind of distressing maternity experience, the AIMS Guide to Resolution After Birth (available here) offers comprehensive and empathic information about how to reach a resolution. It guides you through your rights, asks how you feel, shows you who to contact, gives a comprehensive list of specialist organisations and shows you how to navigate the formal complaints process.

The AIMS Helpline volunteers ( ) are able to provide a listening ear to anyone who is unhappy with their experiences, and suggest sources of support.

You may find this AIMS Journal article useful Therapies for Birth Trauma

The following organisations offer information and support:

Make Birth Better has information and helpful resources for women and birthing people who have suffered birth trauma, and their partners Birth Trauma Support For Parents - Make Birth Better as well as for professionals suffering indirect trauma from witnessing difficult events Birth Trauma Support For Professionals - Make Birth Better.

Birth Trauma Association has information resources, a team of peer supporters and a Facebook group Birth Trauma Association.

Written by: Nadia Higson
Reviewed by: Debbie Chippington Derrick
Reviewed on: 28/11/2023
Next review needed: 28/11/2025

AIMS does not give medical advice. Our website provides evidence-based information to support informed decision-making. The AIMS Helpline volunteers will be happy to provide further information and support. Please email or ring 0300 365 0663.

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AIMS supports all maternity service users to navigate the system as it exists, and campaigns for a system which truly meets the needs of all.

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