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Journal Vol. 11, No. 2 — The Witch Hunt

ISSN 0256-5004 (Print)

The Trial of Caroline Flint - report on the trial of a UK independent midwife

The Witch Hunt - International persecution of quality midwifery

The Ann Kelly Case - Midwifery in Ireland, and the independent midwife attacked by the establishment.

Trial by Newspaper - Pat Thomas looks at recent articles attacking campaigners for natural birth.

Jean Robinson reviews

Other articles in this Journal: Birth choices under threat in France; review of CESDI report into stillbirths and deaths in infancy; homebirth in Scotland attended by a midwife who was not licensed to practise in the UK; maternal deaths in Ghana; epidurals and fever; breastfeeding - using lay counsellors; maternity services in Surrey; health service ombudsman; European Network of Childbirth Associations conference; submission to House of Commons Select Committee on maternity procedures; midwifery in Australia; the Bounty pregnancy book; and more.

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AIMS Journal, 2014, Vol 26, No 2 Hazel Katherine Larkin explores the power of terminology 'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, 'it means ju…

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Editorial: Mission Better Births. B…

AIMS Journal, 2018, Vol 30, No1 By Jo Dagustun, Editor I’m going to start with an assumption: that everyone reading this Journal is already convinced that we can do far b…

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The Consequences of Discontinuing C…

AIMS Journal, 2018, Vol 30, No1 A birth story by Emma Ashworth It was my booking-in appointment for my second baby, and I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to birth…

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Improving Patient Safety & Care

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4th Annual Birth Trauma Event

Details on Eventbrite Organised by Dr Rebecca Moore who has recently founded to the Make Birth Better Network

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MBRRACE-UK ‘Saving Lives, Improving…

To register your interest please email or keep an eye on our website . Earlybird bookings will open…

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Ágnes Geréb is granted clemency by…

28 th June 2018 "This act of clemency is about more than me. It is an acknowledgement of liberty in giving birth. It is a recognition by the state that the rights of wome…

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Press Release: Jeremy Hunt announce…

AIMS is delighted that the Government has recognised the importance to the safety of women and babies of the continuity of carer model of midwifery. Having a midwife that…

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Dr. Ágnes Geréb, Hungarian Midwife…

Dr. Ágnes Geréb is a Hungarian obstetrician and midwife who has been fighting for her freedom following her house arrest and thret of imprisonment due to her support for…

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