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Journal Vol. 32, No. 4 — The Use of Social Media in Pregnancy and Early Parenthood

ISSN 2516-5852 (Online)

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Editorial – The Use of Social Media in Pregnancy and Early Parenthood
By Journal editors Katharine Handel, Luisa Izzi, and Alex Smith

A (Mother’s) Visual Diary on Social Media: Pregnancy and Motherhood during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Jocelyn Allen explores pregnancy and the transition to motherhood in her art and writing through the lens of social media

Fifteen Minutes on Social Media
Jennifer Culley and Liz Skidmore present a fictional conversation between a mother and a peer supporter in an online chat group offering breastfeeding support

Baby loss in lockdown, the loneliest of times. Does social media help?
Julie Wall describes her experience of baby loss during lockdown and how she found support, information, and empathy on social media

Social media and the sharing of knowledge
Gemma McKenzie attests to the way that use of social media allows women’s voices to penetrate obstetric debate more than ever before

Pregnancy apps and social media – are we being watched?
Frances Attenborough gives an account of what the literature has to say about the hidden forces at play in our use of social media

Oxfordshire Breastfeeding Support & Social Media
Jayne Joyce gives some advice to run a successful closed group on Facebook that provides professional breastfeeding support

My experiences of supporting breastfeeding women with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) via social media
Wendy Jones discusses her experience of providing advice and support to women who are breastfeeding while taking medication for Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis

AIMS and Social Media
Julie Ann Crowley discusses the uses and benefits of the presence of AIMS on social media

Campaign Update: Removing COVID-19-related maternity restrictions on partners
An update from the AIMS Campaigns team about their progress in the campaign for the needs of maternity service users to be considered in current national guidance

Refocussing our attention on Better Births: The poetry of scrutinising policy implementation
The AIMS Campaigns team invite us to reassess and reflect on the Better Births Vision after five years of the Maternity Transformation Programme

Campaign update: Continuity of Carer, Northern Ireland - trying to do it properly!
Anne Glover takes a look at the Better Births Implementation Pilot Scheme in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust

Ideological birth wars: The academic debate goes on, but where does this leave us?
Jo Dagustun unpicks a recent article published in the British Medical Journal

An Interview with Lorna Tinsley
Lorna Tinsley discusses her career and her role as a voice for midwives as a member of the Nursing & Midwifery Council

A short analysis on First Do No Harm, the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review chaired by Baroness Cumberlege, July 2020
Shane Ridley analyses “First Do No Harm,” the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review chaired by Baroness Cumberlege in July 2020

What has the AIMS campaigns team been doing?
Here's the latest news on what the AIMS campaigns team have been doing

Introducing the Childbirth Choices Matter Campaign
Kay King introduces the Childbirth Choices Matter campaign, which aims to create a new insurance product for self-employed professional midwives and to support women and pregnant people to access this form of care if they choose

Birth Activists Briefing: What is a Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA)?
Information from the AIMS Campaigns team about this new role and its implications for birth activists

Book Review: Birth Shock: How to recover from Birth Trauma, by Mia Scotland
Anna Madeley reviews a new book about recovering from birth trauma

Book Review: The Millstone by Margaret Drabble
Shane Ridley shares her views on Margaret Drabble's 1965 classic

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