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Journal Vol. 33, No. 1 — Salutogenesis - Putting the Health Back Into Healthcare

ISSN 2516-5852 (Online)

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Editor Alex Smith introduces this edition's topic of salutogenesis

Salutogenesis: how philosophy shapes practice
Alex Smith explores the philosophy and politics of health through the medium of story

Self Efficacy: What is it? Why is it important? And what can we do about it?
Mary Nolan outlines the concept of Self-efficacy, a person’s belief in their capacity to act in a way that will produce a desired outcome, and explains why this is important

On message - What can we learn from listening to our internal monologues?
Sophie Martin reflects on the power of our internal monologues and offers some tools to change the conversation and the language in perinatal care

Yoga: a time for me and a time for my baby
Cathy Welch writes about yoga for pregnancy and how both the yoga itself and the sharing of stories within a supportive social space is a key contributory factor in improved mental health in pregnant women

Mothers are doing it for each other: A conversation with The Motherkind Café
A conversation with the co-ordinators of The Motherkind Café, an Oxfordshire post-natal peer support group for women who are concerned about their mental health

Introducing “They said to me”: Giving voice to the voiceless
Samantha Gadsden introduces They Said To Me, a social media platform where women and birthing people can anonymously share their experiences of maternity services, giving voice to the voiceless

Challenging attitudes and language around Down syndrome: The lived experience of a proud mother
Nicola Enoch talks about her personal experience of having a child with Down syndrome and how this led her to move into the field of supporting and campaigning for other families in the same situation

The science behind babywearing
An infographic produced by Neve Spicer showing the benefits of babywearing for both babies and parents

Continuity of Carer and Social Support Network: Working together
Ann Glover explores the importance of a woman’s social support network in the framework of the continuity of carer model

An Interview with Soo Downe by the AIMS Campaigns Team
An interview with Professor Soo Downe about background, her research, and her position in England’s national Maternity Transformation Programme’s Stakeholder Council

Better Births – Five Years On
Annie Francis offers some reflections on the implementation of the Better Births report five years after its publication

AIMS Commentary on the Ockenden Interim Report, published on 10 December 2020
Anna Madeley presents AIMS’s commentary on the Ockenden interim report

Getting to grips with the first Ockenden Report and what it means for the Maternity Transformation Programme
The AIMS Campaigns Team discuss AIMS’s response to the findings of the Ockenden interim report and the next steps to take

Book Review: Birthing Outside the System: The Canary in the Coal Mine
Gemma McKenzie and Virginia Hatton review this powerful book investigating why women choose ‘birth outside the system’, making connections between women’s right to choose where they birth and violations of human rights within maternity care systems

What has the AIMS campaigns team been doing?
The AIMS Campaigns team give us an update on what they've been working on since December

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