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Journal Vol. 35, No. 3 — We were there

ISSN 2516-5852 (Online)

Editorial - We were there

Alex Smith introduces the September 2023 issue of the AIMS journal

What is it really like to witness someone else’s labour and birth?

Anne Glover shares her experience of being a doula in Northern Ireland

The Role of a Doula as a Container

Tomoko Holloway, doula from West Wales, describes her role in supporting new families

Doulas Supporting Neurodivergent Birth

Victoria White gives us insight into the different support needs of neurodiverse people during their transition to parenthood

What Is A Postnatal Doula Anyway?

Trudi Dawson explains the role of the doula in supporting families after their baby has been born

Why I am taking a break

Doula Nicola Goodall presents her ‘list of experiences’ since 2020

Birth companions: drawing support from outside the room

AIMS volunteer Jo Dagustun describes how she was supported during her final birth by someone who wasn’t actually there.

What I wish I’d known about NICU: Raising awareness in antenatal education

Hannah Thomas, a mother whose baby spent time in hospital after her birth, outlines what she would like every antenatal educator to share with parents

Fatherhood Unveiled: Embracing the Perinatal and Early Years Journey with Love and Understanding

Scott Mair gives us insight into the experience of new fathers

Consent to Medical Treatment UK 2023: Dream Mirage or Nemesis?

Dr. Jayne Donegan describes how she was regarded by the General Medical Council when she helped parents make fully informed decisions.

European Network of Childbirth Associations (ENCA) Annual Meetings: An open letter to all participants from the UK delegate to the 2023 Meeting in Budapest

From AIMS volunteer Jo Dagustun

How maternity services are developing in NI July 2023

AIMS volunteer Anne Glover describes recent developments in the provision of maternity services in Northern Ireland

The International Labour and Birth Research Conference 24th – 26th April 2023

Charlotte Edun reports on a recent conference in Grange over Sands

Birth Activists Briefing: Recent Publications

The AIMS Campaigns Team outlines recent publications that will be of interest to birth activists everywhere

Review of Cochrane report: Planned hospital birth compared with planned home birth for pregnant women at low risk of complications

Catharine Hart reviews the latest Cochrane report on safety and the place of birth

Book review: Union Street, by Pat Barker

Jo Dagustun reviews this book about the lives of working class women in the late 70s and early 80s. She writes that it was too good not to share with fellow AIMS Journal readers!

What has the AIMS Campaigns Team been up to this quarter?

The AIMS Campaign Team let us know what they have been writing, reading, viewing and doing in their vital work

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