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Journal Vol. 35, No. 4 — Mixed Feelings

ISSN 2516-5852 (Online)

AIMS Journal, 2023, Vol 35, No 4

Editorial - Mixed feelings
Alex Smith introduces the December 2023 issue of the AIMS journal.

The Emotional Weather of Postnatal Life
Using the weather as a metaphor, Alex Smith outlines the different manifestations of the changeable and occasionally tempestuous feelings experienced during the postnatal period.

Three Christmas Wishes
Katharine Handel shares her personal wish list for what she’d like to see in all perinatal care, if a pantomime fairy godmother were to appear and grant her three magic wishes.

Postpartum: A short story
A powerful and heartbreaking glimpse into the experience of postnatal depression, by Lizzie Lister.

Perinatal mental health: A preventative approach
Mary Nolan puts forward a strong case for offering support to would-be parents before they become pregnant.

Just ‘birth’: the phenomenon of birth without a healthcare professional
It turns out that birth without a midwife or doctor present is just birth, and yet has the potential to be transcendental. Mariamni Plested presents her research.

I was nearly one of those induction statistics
Urgent enough for an ambulance, but too busy to treat. Jo Dagustun remembers her ‘almost an induction’ birth from 19 years ago. Little has changed.

An interview with Dr Rebecca Moore from Make Birth Better (MBB)
Dr Rebecca Moore tells us about the work of the organisation she co-founded, Make Birth Better.

Putting a spotlight on women’s health
Charlotte Edun reports on the recent King’s Fund event, ‘Putting a spotlight on women’s health’ where she spoke on behalf of AIMS.

Maternity services not wanting to listen and gatekeeping the telling of service user experience: a tale from September 2023
Jo Dagustun describes one shocking incident of censorship where she could only conclude that the Maternity Services do not want to listen.

Influencing the future of midwifery and maternity research
Jude Field and Jenny Cunningham want to identify the top priorities for future research into the maternity services.

Birth Activist Briefing - The new NICE guideline on Intrapartum Care: what has changed?
The AIMS Campaigns team update us on the recent changes.

What has the AIMS Campaigns Team been up to this quarter?
The AIMS Campaigns team give us an update on what they've been working on since September.

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