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Journal Vol. 7, No. 4 — Shackled Women

ISSN 0256-5004 (Print)

Shackled Women
Editorial - Beverley A. Lawrence Beech

Women in Prison – The Facts

Birth in Chains
Beverley A. Lawrence Beech

Background to consumer Protests
Beverley A. Lawrence Beech

The Hospital's View
M. Grant

Political Rhetoric and Debate
Pat Thomas

Women Prisoners Overseas

Security for Who?
The Howard League

A Charter for Ethical Research in Maternity Care
Jean Robinson

It's Just Not Acceptable
Nicky Ezero

A Civilized and Humane Society?
Theresa Musgrave

A Cry for Help


The Consequences of Birth in Chains
Pat Thomas

Reducing the Risk of Birth Defects
Jean Robinson


ARM and AIMS Picket UKCC
Sander Warshal

Forum on Maternity and the Newborn
Sandar Warshal

Keep It Normal
Sandar Warshal

AIMS Committee Meeting in Scotland
Sander Warshal

Review of Recent Publications

News Round-up

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Just ‘birth’: the phenomenon of bir…

AIMS Journal, 2023, Vol 35, No 4 Editor’s note: AIMS is honoured to present Mariamni’s research study in which she interviews 10 women who gave birth without a healthcare…

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An interview with Dr Rebecca Moore…

AIMS Journal, 2023, Vol 35, No 4 Interview by Alex Smith Hello Rebecca, thank you for agreeing to answer some questions about your work with Make Birth Better. I wonder i…

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Postpartum: A short story

AIMS Journal, 2023, Vol 35, No 4 Editor’s note: This is a fictional account of the state of mind of a mother suffering postnatal illness. As such, it is a powerful and di…

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AIMS Workshop: Focus on Resolution

Join us for the an interactive online AIMS workshop " Focus on Resolution " with Dr Rebecca Moore . Rebecca who is a Consultant Psychiatrist and founding member of Make B…

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Next steps for NICE in England

This conference will discuss next steps for NICE in delivering innovation and supporting clinical practice in health and social care in England. It is bringing stakeholde…

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AIMS Workshop: History of Maternity…

Join us for the an interactive online AIMS workshop " History of Maternity Care since 1950 - How did we get here? " with Dr Tania Staras . If you have ever wondered why U…

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Latest Campaigns

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What are the priorities for midwife…

AIMS is proud to be supporting the RCM's Research Prioritisation project as a Project Partner and with one of our volunteers on the Steering Group…

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BICS Conference poster: AIMS Campai…

AIMS Campaigns Team volunteers are presenting a poster about our campaign for Physiology-Informed Maternity Services at the 2023 conference of the British Intrapartum Car…

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Review: National Cohort study on in…

This is a review of the paper ( ) published on July 20, 2023 by researchers at St George’…

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