What has the AIMS campaigns team been doing?

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AIMS Journal, 2020, Vol 33, No 1

By the AIMS Campaigns Team

What we’ve been working on:

Conferences/meetings attended:

  • 15th International Labour and Birth Research Conference, 2-4 December
  • NMPA Clinical Reference Group, 3 December
  • Leeds School of Art online open lecture, 9 December
  • NPEU Virtual Conference, 10-11 December
  • London Maternity and Midwifery Festival, 12 January
  • City Research Seminar on Decision making during labour in midwifery-led units, 18 January
  • NHS England’s Maternity Transformation Programme’s Stakeholder Council, 21 January
  • Midwifery Unit Network seminar on decision making in practice, 26 January
  • All Ireland Maternity & Midwifery Festival, 9 February
  • Continuity of Carer Implementation: the Oldham Journey, 12 February

What we’ve been reading:

What we’ve been watching:

  • Netflix “Pieces of a Woman” - a sensitive Netflix original film featuring a home birth and a neonatal death. UK charity SANDS have created a short video to accompany the film, including a Q&A with the scriptwriter Kata Wéber and lead actor Vanessa Kirby, drawing out how SANDS hopes that this film will help to ‘break the silence’ of the taboo that is baby loss. You can find the SANDS video on their website here: Pieces Of A Woman | Sands - Stillbirth and neonatal death charity1
    The film also deals with issues relating to the experiences of Agnes Gereb, and you can read more about Agnes Gereb here: www.aims.org.uk/campaigning/item/agnes-gereb

Thanks to the Campaigns Steering Group - Nadia Higson, Debbie Chippington Derrick, Anne Glover and Jo Dagustun - and the following contributors:

  • Work around Shared Decision Making, including the NICE guideline: Jo Dagustun and Belinda Brooks
  • NICE Guideline on Neonatal Infection: Tasha Knights, Rachel Boldero and Anne Glover
  • NICE Guideline on Caesarean: Tasha Knights, Rachel Boldero and Debbie Chippington Derrick
  • NICE Guideline on Postnatal Care: Julie Milan, Holly Gresswell and Nadia Higson
  • ‘Black Mothers’ research summary: Hannah King and Dessie Lovelace-Hanson
  • Position Paper on Freebirthing: Nadia Higson, Jo Dagustun and Gemma McKenzie
  • MBRRACE report on perinatal mortality in twin births: Shane Ridley
  • Ockenden Response work: Jo Dagustun and Anna Madeley
  • Letter to Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) on partners and scans: Emma Ashworth and Nadia Higson
  • Updates to the webpage ‘Coronavirus and your maternity care’ and AIMS template letters: Nadia Higson
  • Continuity of Carer Campaign: Jo Dagustun and Naomi Tolsen

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with campaigns@aims.org.uk if you would like to be involved in any AIMS campaigning activities.

1 www.sands.org.uk/pieces-of-a-woman

AIMS supports all maternity service users to navigate the system as it exists, and campaigns for a system which truly meets the needs of all. AIMS does not give medical advice, but instead we focus on helping women to find the information that they need to make informed decisions about what is right for them, and support them to have their decisions respected by their health care providers. The AIMS Helpline volunteers will be happy to provide further information and support. Please email helpline@aims.org.uk or ring 0300 365 0663.

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