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Volunteering for AIMS

Are you having a career break? Are you looking for a career change?

Have you thought of volunteering to fill in those gaps in your CV?


  • Gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs
  • It shows your passion and commitment to community causes
  • It shows your initiative to fill the interim periods between jobs with gaining additional skills.
  • It provides you with a new network of opportunities

In short, it is a vital addition to any CV.

As well as supporting you and giving you training where needed, we can organise the opportunity as a project with timescales and an end date together with providing a testimonial or reference at the end of it, if that would be of help to you.

More information about volunteering with AIMS can be found here and there will be an opportunity for you to help in some way regardless of your skills and experience, and the amount of time you have to volunteer.

AIMS is currently seeking people for these Volunteer Roles

Sales and Marketing for AIMS Books

Have you had experience of working in sales or in a publishing company? If so, could you spare some time to share your expertise?

Publications are a vital source of income for AIMS and we need someone who can market and increase the volume of sales – not only for the income but for the information in the books to get out there to all those using maternity services.

We are currently publishing a new range of AIMS Guides and need someone to help boost our sales. At the moment we have a shop on our website where most of the sales occur, and an Amazon account for selling books and Kindle versions. Ideally we would like to get the books into book shops and we have some ideas about how we can do this - we just need someone with the time and energy to make this happen. The person we are looking for will work closely with the Publications group and link with the Social Media group for advertising. Experience of selling would be an advantage, but the main requirements are computer and organisational skills, plus enthusiasm! This role should only require one to two hours a week, with a little more work when a new book is launched.

If you are interested this role please email

AIMS Campaign Steering Group members needed

Campaigning for improvements to the maternity services is core to the AIMS charitable mission, and we’ve got a proud tradition of campaigning stretching back 60 years. AIMS campaigning activities are carried out by a growing number of our Volunteers, and we need a robust support structure in place to allow this work to flourish. We are now looking for a couple of colleagues to join our small Campaigns Steering Group.

Our Volunteer role within AIMS, since the end of 2019, is to work together to plan and facilitate AIMS campaigns work, and - crucially - to support other AIMS Volunteers to get involved. We also have a team editorial role for the Campaigns section of the quarterly AIMS Journal and we like to ‘keep our hand in’ by getting involved with particular pieces of AIMS campaigning work and leading teams on specific campaigns. We’re an established team, with effective working practices, ready to welcome you in!

What do we do?

As a team, we:

  • Take responsibility for the AIMS campaigns strategy, developing annual and quarterly action plans to ensure that we focus our efforts on what matters
  • Develop policy and process documents for AIMS’ campaigning activities
  • Ensure that AIMS responds to key consultations and attends key conferences and other events
  • Manage AIMS campaigns
  • Communicate our campaigns work, including via Social Media and the Campaigns section of the quarterly AIMS Journal
  • Co-ordinate the production of AIMS’ Position Papers and other campaigns materials
  • Constantly hone and develop our awareness of the UK maternity services landscape

Skills and requirements

  • Commitment to attend and prepare for (currently weekly) team meetings
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear written communications
  • Good interpersonal skills to liaise within and beyond AIMS
  • A desire to support other Volunteers in AIMS campaigning work
  • A really good understanding of the UK maternity services landscape, current issues and key stakeholders
  • A hefty dose of patience and good humour!

Please take a look at the most recent AIMS Journal to see what we’ve been up to over the last few months. If you like what you read and want to be part of this work and can commit to the team for at least six months, then we’d really love to hear from you. please email

Opportunities for Contractors

Most of the work of AIMS is carried out by our Volunteers, but from time to time we employ contractors. This happens if we do not have a Volunteer available who has both the time and the specialist skills we need.

We employ a part-time office manager to help support the work of our Volunteers, and we use contractors for a variety of other work.

For long term paid roles, such as Journal Editors and Office Manager we advertise; and carry out an interview and selection process.

For short term contract opportunities we may reach out to those we know can provide a service.

If you are able to offer any of the services listed below, and would like to be considered for contract work with AIMS, please send your details to

  • Graphic design
  • Temporary admin work
  • IT support
  • Website design
  • Printing
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading

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