What AIMS means to me

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AIMS Journal, 2016, Vol 28 No 4

Sarah-Jane Currie and Elizabeth Bradley share what AIMS means to them

I am not sure where I first heard of AIMS, I remember it being mentioned in a publication I was reading and I had heard of it before and it inspired me to actually take a proper look at what they did.

As I continued on my journey and more and more I was going against the ‘norm’ – we decided to birth without medical assistance – making informed choices and taking responsibility for my birth, we were shocked by the misinformation being given to us by our midwife. I had a concerning letter from the Trust full of misinformation and scaremongering, I needed help going up against this and someone again mentioned AIMS. We contacted AIMS’ helpline by email, and Beverley Beech quickly replied with not only the recommendation of an immediate response to the Trust, but also the bigger picture – the next steps including contacting the board and the CEO of the Trust. This not only helped me to counter the letter I had received but also lay the foundation of change within that Trust.

I was 30+ weeks pregnant at the time, and such a task was simply too big for us to under take alone. We are forever grateful as I honestly believe that this led us to be more confident in our choices and decisions without overwhelming us at a time when we wanted to enjoy our pregnancy. It was a joint effort, Beverley and AIMS helped and suggested plans, letters and other appropriate actions. But the decision was always ours, with AIMS working with us. Around this time I also purchased books, from AIMS and I use these a lot with clients as well as having used them on my personal journey.

Elizabeth Bradley

I would say everyone involved with birth should know about AIMS, professionals and parents alike. All pregnant women should be given information about the services they offer and the publications available. This is what I love so much about the publications that AIMS offers, so much information but always at the forefront is the mother’s choice. Informed decision making is vital at such a time as pregnancy and labour, and this is what AIMS champions.
Sarah-Jane Currie Sarah is a mama of four and a birthworker

From Elizabeth Bradley
I heard about AIMS through my NCT contacts – I’d been an NCT volunteer for a number of years.

AIMS has helped me in my second and third pregnancies as well as in my breastfeeding journey. They gave me the confidence to challenge what I was being told I was ‘allowed’ in my birth plan.

Then later, AIMS helped to give me the confidence to push for support when I was told that I should formula top up my third baby when I wanted to exclusively breastfeed.

Sarah-Jane Currie and family

AIMS offers information, resources and support for any new or existing parent.

Elizabeth is a mum to three, editor and copywriter running her own business

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